Jupiter Ace tools

What are the tools for ?

To aid in the development of our Jupiter Ace emulator we've built (and still are building) a few additional tools, detailed here are examples and help on ho to use them, When additional tools and add-ons are created we will post them here on the site.

How to use the Jupiter Ace Debugger

help documentation coming soon....

How to use the Jupiter Ace Assembler

help documentation coming soon....



If you like the site, emulator or any of the tools or just the Jupiter Ace then please link to us, help us climb the Google

Thanks for reading, please if you can help out do so - Enjoy micro emulator .net Team.

Key Points

we need your help!

Jupiter Ace Cassette Database

In order to maximise the database we need to find as many cassettes as possible, from unknown ones to ones known but we are unable to locate.

If you can help us with any old cassettes you may have in the loft you no longer want or know someone that has then please contact us and give them to a good home, If we can't get there in person we can get them collected by courier - please don't throw them!

Help by donating

Don't worry if you have no old hardware or software to donate, We greatfully accept funds via paypal to help us secure bits from others.

A big "THANK YOU!" to everyone the has donated, time, money, knowledge, tapes and hardware we are truly grateful - micro emulator .net Team.

micro emulator

Free Jupiter Ace Emulator for Windows

It emulates all known Jupiter Ace behaviour, Inc. Z80 (doc'd and undoc'd), Screen, Memory access, Ram packs, Audio tape files, Tape deck emulation, Sound, Forth, Snapshot saving and loading and more ...

The Jupiter Ace emulator is an attempt to preserve this old micro for all to enjoy.


Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP
( XP requires microsoft .net framework )

NO install required, and NO registry garbage.

Download the JupiterAce.zip
Latest Version 1.0.4247 Build: 37209 (5366)